Bored Bananas!

The Collection

Sales are over 10,000 4027 Bored Bananas has been minted and that's all that will ever exist!

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Start earning $BANANA tokens by hodling your Bored Bananas!

$BANANA Tokens

$BANANA Tokens will start appearing in Bored Banana owners' wallets after the entire collection has sold out. What can $BANANA Tokens be used for? After all of the Bored Bananas are discovered, the team will be working on many exciting ways to use your tokens to unlock rewards such as discounted merch, NFT drops, and more!

After all 10,000 Bored Bananas are sold out, automatic $BANANA token drops will be activated. Drops do not require gas and will automatically appear in Bored Banana owners' wallets over time.

What are we working on next?

Our initial plans have changed and evolved, the community has voted to end sales early (see here), and now we're working on a few ideas in collaboration with the community.

Verified Smart Contract

Bored Bananas Contract: 0xe19b9D6538c1AB71434098D9806A7cEc5B186bA0

$BANANA Token Contract: 0xe17093967e43D37Ad615a64cb86aE11826D6e58b